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posts & links about — or relevant to — the Upper Valley and/or by people who live here


What really defines the Upper Valley is the people who live here. And, largely because we're all scattered among small towns, it can be difficult to connect…to meet people new to us & discover what's on their minds.

So we think it would be cool to create an online space where people (like, for instance, you) could post pretty much…anything: information & observations about Upper Valley life — but also artwork, opinions, things they've seen online, books they've read, movies, music, whatever…

We realize that UV people are…shy — so this may take a while to kick in, but we figure it's worth a shot. So we're going ahead & starting. 

Feel free to join in!

(And every post will be entered in our prize contest! See below.)


Painted Floorcloths with Susan Arnold

Susan Arnold puts a colorful twist on a colonial standby: the painted floorcloth.

These are not your great-grandmother’s painted floorcloths. Nor are they the plain green canvas rugs that George Washington probably scattered around his residence…


Tiny House Fest

Saturday, June 23 in Brattleboro

You gotta love Brattleboro!

Where else would something like this happen?

The tiny houses movement, in case you've missed it, advocates really small living spaces as an antidote to the consumerism & expense of…well…big houses.

It's a happening thing,...


Iris Dement in Haverhill

June 9

Iris Dement is perhaps best described as the female equivalent of Johnny Cash.

Her voice is a national treasure: pure, poignant & powerful. Her songs are iconic…raw & timeless, seeming to have always existed, as if they're drawn from some mysterious...


(best pic we could find online…)

The Greening of Vermont: From Hippie Invasion To Blue State Conversion and Beyond

Once upon a time, Vermont was what we now call a red state. Then it changed.

This review of a book explains how & why that happened.

Going Up the Country describes the broader impact of Sixties-inspired newcomers on organic farming, “farm-to-table” distribution networks, women’s healthcare, arts and crafts, higher education and music. (In the last two categories, we learn about the role of Goddard College in the formation of Phish!) Family-run dairy farms may still be in steady decline, but overall, Vermont’s $776 million agricultural economy was largest of any state in New England two years ago. Its ninety farmers’ markets provide more fresh food than any other state per capita. It boasts nearly 600 certified organic farms, including one run by David Zuckerman, a pony-tailed leader of the Vermont Progressive Party who was elected Lt.-Governor in 2016—by the same electorate that rejected a corporate Democrat in favor of Republican stock car racer, Phil Scott, in the gubernatorial race.


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