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Organic Matters

The Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont (NOFA Vermont) has released a short film, "Organic Matters", about the importance of organic food and agriculture to human and environmental health. This 9-minute video…features certified organic farmers across Vermont talking about why they believe in certified organic, how it defines their approach to their land and to food production, and why organic is important to the overall food movement.


Grilled Cheese Recipes from Cabot

Okay, this is decadent…but in a good (golden and gooey) way.

And they've got it covered: We lost count at 60.

(AND they have tons of other recipes!)

Grilled Cheese begins with the simple combination of bread, butter, and cheese to create the ultimate in comfort food, golden and gooey.


Study confirms profitability of raising dairy beef in New Hampshire

Although the returns may be modest and always subject to the whims of the market, there’s money to be made in raising dairy beef in New Hampshire, a recently released study concluded.…

“Is it going to be a silver bullet for dairy farmers? No,” Lunak said of raising dairy beef. But doing so is yet another way that dairy farmers — continually under economic strain caused by low milk prices — can develop a supplemental income.

A guardedly optimistic summary of the study says you can make some money if, among other things, you keep calves healthy; have them living in a clean space; and feed them only whole-shelled corn, which vigilant farmers should buy in bulk to ensure they aren’t paying too much.


Erik Karits /  iStock.com


why you should worry & what to do about it

Important information from Vermont Edition

As the incidence of Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses rises, we're talking about the growing risk and what may happen next.


from the chat room

Iris Dement in Haverhill

June 9

Iris Dement is perhaps best described as the female equivalent of Johnny Cash.

Her voice is a national treasure: pure, potent & powerful. Her songs are iconic…raw & timeless, seeming to have always existed, as if they're drawn from some mysterious...


Trumpovers: An Embodied Compassion Practice

Julie Püttgen posted this wondrous thing over a year ago & it's only gained resonance since: funny, profound, sad, disturbing — all at once.


About those “clocks”…

I’ve finally figured it out: The clock tower on the F. W. Webb building — at the intersection of Route 120 & Etna Road — isn’t actually intended to tell the time at all…it’s an art installation about the idea of time!

Though I like to think of...


Got a dog? Buy this!

02Cool 10-inch portable fan

Technically this violates our policy of promoting only local shops, but in the interests of local dogs

If you take your dog anywhere, ever, in your car, then you need this. Preferably 2 — to create a good cross-current of air. They're only $24.90...


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