say nice things…win prizes!

The prize for this round is a gift certificate for (your choice):


fine dining



The Latham House Tavern

casual, bar, takeout, catering

Main Street Kitchens

​kitchen, bath & home essentials
life & lifestyle

We want great content — from you.

AND, to make it more fun, we're doing prizes: Dinner at a local restaurant or money to spend at a local shop will be awarded to the best entries!

(In order to be fully legal, this has to be long — sorry!)

prize rules

This is a judged contest…but your entry doesn’t have to be brilliant to win — just informative & useful to our readers.

Winning entries will be selected primarily based on 3 criteria:

  • Uniqueness — You’re more likely to win if you write about something not already covered by other entries. (Writing about things in the directory is not merely fine, but good.)
  • Specificity — Does your entry include vivid & informative details? For example, if you’re endorsing a restaurant, describe the food, atmosphere & service (briefly is fine)…if you’re endorsing a shop, what do they sell?…if you’re endorsing a service, how did you benefit from it? Etc.
  • Style — Entries written with flair & enthusiasm are more likely to win. But don't worry if you don't think of yourself as a "writer" — just have fun…that's all we're really looking for.

In addition, the inclusion of original photos or artwork will be taken into consideration — but these will not be determinant factors. In other words, including (good) images will boost your chances, but a well-written entry without them will still have a good chance of winning. (And "bad" images won't hurt your chances either!)

Prizes will be awarded in two categories: short & long.

say a little…$25 prize

“Short” entries are between 200 & 400 words — a paragraph or 2. (Length within this range will not affect your chances of winning.)

say more…$50 prize

“Long” entries are more than 400 words, up to a maximum of 1,000 words.

Separate prizes will also be awarded for each of 2 types of content: Recommendations & Posts.

So, yes, that's a total of 4 prizes!

Recommendations must be about something in the Upper Valley

…or within a 2-hour drive of the Hanover/WRJ/Lebanon area (as determined by Google maps).

Examples include: 

  • reviews of shops, restaurants, services or destinations (such as a museum or gallery)
  • descriptions of activities, such as a hiking or skiing trail, boating experience or day-trip (such as recommendations for a town to visit, where to eat & what to do there)
  • events that will continue for at least 5 days beyond the posting date — so a review of an ongoing theater performance or gallery exhibit is eligible, but something that happened once (last night) is not

To be eligible, Endorsements must be:

  • Positive in tone…as in “say nice things.” It’s fine to point out that, say, you had a lovely dinner at a restaurant, with the exception of an uninspired salad…but not to post a rant about how much you hated the place. (You can do that on Yelp.)
  • Wholly original. By posting an entry you certify that the text and any included images are your own creations (or in the public domain).

Posts can be about pretty much anything:

  • books, films, TV, music, art
  • cool things you've read or seen online
  • your opinions (political or otherwise)
  • art you've created
  • compelling quotations

Posts don't have to be quite so nice, but to be eligible for prizes they must be…civil.

And the same "wholly original" rule applies.

selecting winners

For both types of content, we'll select a winner for the "short" category when we've received 100 eligible entries of this length…and select a winner for the "long" category when we've received 30 eligible entries of that length.

Once the target number of entries has been received, this round of the contest for the category/type will be closed and the uvCompass staff will nominate several finalists, which will then be reviewed by a panel of judges we invite to determine the winner.

Winners will then be notified by email, choose the prize they want & receive a prize confirmation by email, which they may then present to the shop or restaurant they have chosen.

the small print…

For Endorsements we will edit entries for grammar and spelling. We will also determine which, if any, submitted images are included — at our sole discretion.

Posts are entirely up to you. We won't touch them without your express permission. And any photos you upload will be included (as is). However, if we determine that an image is of poor quality or otherwise inappropriate, we reserve the right to turn it off in our "public" pages. (It will remain visible in your profile collection.)

In both cases, your content belongs to you, but by posting an entry you agree to let us include it in uvCompass for at least 30 days from the conclusion of the contest round.

Finally, by posting an entry you agree to let us include your name in the prize announcement.

And again — you don't have to be a literary genius to compete: Just write something informative & enthusiastic…& you'll have an excellent chance of winning!

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